Welcome to the new site!

Hello! I am Armond “Raptura” Smith, CEO, and Co-Founder of Gamechee. With the help of our new volunteer staff and some outside input, we are doing our best to keep everything fresh. As some of you have noted by looking at the bottom of our website, our website is a blog hosted by WordPress. We are going to try to keep the site as clean and efficient as possible for everyone to know whats going on with us as a company and so it is easier to see our progress. Thanks for bearing with us in these long years. Our co-founders and the volunteers have been hard at work in the summer with the design of our first game “Tamara and Zulu” which you can find here.

Check back to the site for more updates!  We will try to keep posting as much as possible on our Facebook and on this site. Please remember you can always apply to become a volunteer at Gamechee by following the instructions posted here.

See you all later!