Project Aether Unveiled

Hello Gamechee followers, Raptura here! Its been a long time since we’ve last posted on any social media site. I just wanted to remind you that Gamechee is still alive and well! From trying to prepare our new office space to continuing on our project from the Imagine Cup Games Competition (ICGC) that we posted about before, we wanted to show you some snippets of that project as well as reveal what the project actually is, and what is to come of it.

I will now unveil to you: “Project Aether”






Yes, “Project Aether” will be the name of the completed game.

Project Aether is a 2D Space shooter game. It is similar to many titles in the genre, as it is fast paced and require dexterous hands. This game is optimized for use with and Xbox Controller.

Throughout the game you will venture through various planets and deep parts of space, collecting power ups and building your special meter to assist with the progression.



There will be dangerous enemies of all types trying to stop your quest (which we will not reveal yet). The enemies will sometimes work together to make your journey even more challenging!




Of course this is only the bare-bones explanation of what the project is. We have been working on this project for months and finally wanted to unveil it to the world. We wanted to start with something simple to get our feet wet in the independent gaming scene, and therefore put Tamara and Zulu on hiatus. But this does not mean that we have given up on that project! In fact, we are still gathering ideas and making sure we hold on to them to complete that game in the near future. You should be hearing about that title more within the years to come.

Stay tuned for more updates!