Why We Created Gamechee

Hello everyone!

My name is Armond Smith, some people call me “Raptura”. I am the Co-Founder, CEO and Programming Director for this very small company, Gamechee, which was founded by my two best friends and I founded when we were 16 years of age in 2013. Although young, we each knew what video games could be used for in terms of educating its players in different aspects of life. I myself have had my life changed in a positive way by video games, which I have always loved. I always saw something different I could take from each and every game I have played, and knew from a very young age that I wanted to pursue a career in which entertainment media and technology was its core focus. Gamechee to me is much more than a small company which I manage, its an investment in improving the lives of future players.

Gamechee at its core is a company dedicated to educating its player base with interesting topics. The first game we worked on, “Tamara and Zulu”, is meant to address the topic of gender roles. On the surface it will just be gender swapped “princess in peril” game. However we decided from very early on in its development, that we wanted to question the player with their opinions on the matter. Our second game (first to be released), Project Aether, is a space shooter that will also have an interesting story, but is designed to be more of a “tangential” learning experience. The player will hear terms and facts about real life space travel, as well as science fiction and may be interested in looking up and doing some research on their own.

Over the last two years we have had our own fair share of struggles. High school and college taught us the importance of time management. Starting “Project Aether” during a busy senior year in high school was an idea that seemed terrible on paper, but I decided to press on anyway. Project Aether became the game that I could show off at my college, Temple University, as well as my high school, Central High School  in Philadelphia PA, and get feedback by friends and strangers at every single iteration of the development process. It gave me the realization that we can achieve our goals, with even the scarcest amount of time. It is a pleasure to get feedback from those of you who know me in real life, and encourage me and our team to keep up the good work.

All of us at the office are sorry that we have not kept our promise with steady updates. It is very hard to communicate within the team so spread out, and each living their individual lives. We hope you all understand.

Our staff and volunteers work every day to try and ensure the games we put out are enjoyable and filled with amazing and interesting content. Please stay tuned for more updates on both our Facebook page and our website!