Planning for the future

Hello Gamechee Followers,

Raptura here. Its been over a year since we’ve last posted on the site, and there are some reasons for that I would like to address. I am currently attending University for Computer Science and have taken up a job over the last year to make money for every day life. I have not neglected Gamechee, however it has been less of a priority for me as I try to move forward with my life and build my professional career. Gamechee has been working hard on several smaller projects. Project Aether will be released on some unknown date. I will be pushing a game jam project I have worked on over the winter onto our page here.

The upcoming week is my Spring break and I wish to create some more content on this page as soon as I can. Development is slow and the team size for Gamechee is still very small. Our aim is to create smaller content to gain followers and hope to continue to make games for the future. Hopefully we can include more people onto our team and create even better projects.

My classes in the future will allow me to focus a bit more on my work for Gamechee and making it the best it could possibly be. I will ensure that I work as much as possible for Gamechee in the year 2017. We already have 2 projects lined up for the year and will be pushed onto our page from small game jams to full productions.

Thank you for your patience and kindness,
Armond “Raptura” Smith