Happy 4th Anniversary!

Happy 4th Anniversary to Gamechee! We created Gamechee 4 years ago to this day! We have made it so far, but you may be asking yourself, “Where have you guys been?”

Like usual, we have been working when we can on our games every month. September will be a special month for Gamechee, as we will be promoting our project “Project Aether” and releasing it in the 4th quarter of this year. Thank you for all of your support!

In September we plan to unveil:

  • Project Aether
    • Final Name for Aether
    • Gameplay Videos
    • Marketing Campaign (Kickstarter?)
  • Gamechee and Aether Merchandise
    • T-Shirts/Hoodies

Look out on our Facebook page and our blog for more details on all of this in September.



You can find our newest small project “Snowdown” on here! It was a part of a small 3 day game jam called “Snowcember” in which we made a winter themed game. It is a hexagonal turn based strategy game in which your goal is to defeat the opposing side.

The game is free of charge! You can make a small donation however to support Gamechee, so we can continue to make what we love! Thank you for your patronage!snowbomba

Planning for the future

Hello Gamechee Followers,

Raptura here. Its been over a year since we’ve last posted on the site, and there are some reasons for that I would like to address. I am currently attending University for Computer Science and have taken up a job over the last year to make money for every day life. I have not neglected Gamechee, however it has been less of a priority for me as I try to move forward with my life and build my professional career. Gamechee has been working hard on several smaller projects. Project Aether will be released on some unknown date. I will be pushing a game jam project I have worked on over the winter onto our page here.

The upcoming week is my Spring break and I wish to create some more content on this page as soon as I can. Development is slow and the team size for Gamechee is still very small. Our aim is to create smaller content to gain followers and hope to continue to make games for the future. Hopefully we can include more people onto our team and create even better projects.

My classes in the future will allow me to focus a bit more on my work for Gamechee and making it the best it could possibly be. I will ensure that I work as much as possible for Gamechee in the year 2017. We already have 2 projects lined up for the year and will be pushed onto our page from small game jams to full productions.

Thank you for your patience and kindness,
Armond “Raptura” Smith

Why We Created Gamechee

Hello everyone!

My name is Armond Smith, some people call me “Raptura”. I am the Co-Founder, CEO and Programming Director for this very small company, Gamechee, which was founded by my two best friends and I founded when we were 16 years of age in 2013. Although young, we each knew what video games could be used for in terms of educating its players in different aspects of life. I myself have had my life changed in a positive way by video games, which I have always loved. I always saw something different I could take from each and every game I have played, and knew from a very young age that I wanted to pursue a career in which entertainment media and technology was its core focus. Gamechee to me is much more than a small company which I manage, its an investment in improving the lives of future players.

Gamechee at its core is a company dedicated to educating its player base with interesting topics. The first game we worked on, “Tamara and Zulu”, is meant to address the topic of gender roles. On the surface it will just be gender swapped “princess in peril” game. However we decided from very early on in its development, that we wanted to question the player with their opinions on the matter. Our second game (first to be released), Project Aether, is a space shooter that will also have an interesting story, but is designed to be more of a “tangential” learning experience. The player will hear terms and facts about real life space travel, as well as science fiction and may be interested in looking up and doing some research on their own.

Over the last two years we have had our own fair share of struggles. High school and college taught us the importance of time management. Starting “Project Aether” during a busy senior year in high school was an idea that seemed terrible on paper, but I decided to press on anyway. Project Aether became the game that I could show off at my college, Temple University, as well as my high school, Central High School  in Philadelphia PA, and get feedback by friends and strangers at every single iteration of the development process. It gave me the realization that we can achieve our goals, with even the scarcest amount of time. It is a pleasure to get feedback from those of you who know me in real life, and encourage me and our team to keep up the good work.

All of us at the office are sorry that we have not kept our promise with steady updates. It is very hard to communicate within the team so spread out, and each living their individual lives. We hope you all understand.

Our staff and volunteers work every day to try and ensure the games we put out are enjoyable and filled with amazing and interesting content. Please stay tuned for more updates on both our Facebook page and our website!

Project Aether Unveiled

Hello Gamechee followers, Raptura here! Its been a long time since we’ve last posted on any social media site. I just wanted to remind you that Gamechee is still alive and well! From trying to prepare our new office space to continuing on our project from the Imagine Cup Games Competition (ICGC) that we posted about before, we wanted to show you some snippets of that project as well as reveal what the project actually is, and what is to come of it.

I will now unveil to you: “Project Aether”






Yes, “Project Aether” will be the name of the completed game.

Project Aether is a 2D Space shooter game. It is similar to many titles in the genre, as it is fast paced and require dexterous hands. This game is optimized for use with and Xbox Controller.

Throughout the game you will venture through various planets and deep parts of space, collecting power ups and building your special meter to assist with the progression.



There will be dangerous enemies of all types trying to stop your quest (which we will not reveal yet). The enemies will sometimes work together to make your journey even more challenging!




Of course this is only the bare-bones explanation of what the project is. We have been working on this project for months and finally wanted to unveil it to the world. We wanted to start with something simple to get our feet wet in the independent gaming scene, and therefore put Tamara and Zulu on hiatus. But this does not mean that we have given up on that project! In fact, we are still gathering ideas and making sure we hold on to them to complete that game in the near future. You should be hearing about that title more within the years to come.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Help us with ICGC!

Salvete! Its now February and we have yet to tell you our plans for the new year in full detail. Why not start the month by telling you that we have officially registered for the Microsoft Imagine Cup Games Competition. This competition will be directly helping Judie (McJelliton) and I with paying for college if our entry preforms well. Our teams ICGC page is listed here

We need your help!

We have about 6 weeks until the National Finals on March 15 and we need all the help we can. The game is still in the works, however between the dates of February 15 and February 22 we want to send out demo copies to those interested.

If you are interested, you can sign up via Google form here. Not all respondents will be chosen for the process. Owning A Microsoft XBox controller is a requirement for testing this game at home. Testers must use the Windows operating system (Win7 + Recommended)

Thank  you all for supporting us on our journey through the 2014 and 2015 year. Trying to complete school and simultaneously create great games for our fans to play is a very difficult task. Thanks for being patient with us. We will make this year the best one we have had so far!

Hello Gamechee fans!

Judie “McJelliton” Thai here! I am the Art Director of Gamechee so my role here on this website is to send you monthly updates on what I’m doing for the company! If you want more frequent updates, however, Gamechee has also recently launched their tumblr blog. You can visit us there at This is also for those who don’t use Facebook often, and we’d like to reach out to as many people as possible.

Anyway, my plan for these monthly updates is to post original art for Gamechee! Whether it be concept art, sprites, sketches, etc., I want to keep our fans close by on our production.

Speaking of which:

concentration 6 portfolio

This is a concept for the cyclops boss in Tamara & Zulu. An ugly monster, right? Anyways, I got to go now, so see you next month!

Welcome to the new site!

Hello! I am Armond “Raptura” Smith, CEO, and Co-Founder of Gamechee. With the help of our new volunteer staff and some outside input, we are doing our best to keep everything fresh. As some of you have noted by looking at the bottom of our website, our website is a blog hosted by WordPress. We are going to try to keep the site as clean and efficient as possible for everyone to know whats going on with us as a company and so it is easier to see our progress. Thanks for bearing with us in these long years. Our co-founders and the volunteers have been hard at work in the summer with the design of our first game “Tamara and Zulu” which you can find here.

Check back to the site for more updates!  We will try to keep posting as much as possible on our Facebook and on this site. Please remember you can always apply to become a volunteer at Gamechee by following the instructions posted here.

See you all later!