Hello Gamechee fans!

Judie “McJelliton” Thai here! I am the Art Director of Gamechee so my role here on this website is to send you monthly updates on what I’m doing for the company! If you want more frequent updates, however, Gamechee has also recently launched their tumblr blog. You can visit us there at gamechee.tumblr.com. This is also for those who don’t use Facebook often, and we’d like to reach out to as many people as possible.

Anyway, my plan for these monthly updates is to post original art for Gamechee! Whether it be concept art, sprites, sketches, etc., I want to keep our fans close by on our production.

Speaking of which:

concentration 6 portfolio

This is a concept for the cyclops boss in Tamara & Zulu. An ugly monster, right? Anyways, I got to go now, so see you next month!