Sign up as a volunteer!

Interested in signing up as a volunteer to put on your resume or work portfolio? Follow these easy steps and get started with Gamechee today!

  • Email admin[at]gamechee[dot]com with the subject “Gamechee Volunteer” with your name and a small description of yourself and what you can contribute.
  • If you have a resume or work portfolio, please attach it as a Microsoft Word document
  • After looking over your email, an admin associated with that field of work will contact you.


Any questions about our games, projects or other works? Email us:

Donate! Donation Button

Help us fund our games with a quick donation via Paypal! Its a quick and easy process, and we use the funding to do cool things with our games and push more time into our product. Here are several things we do with the donations:

  • Buy food to live off of (Ramen for multiple people isn’t cheap, you know)
  • Can devote more time to Research and Development
  • Can afford the tools we need to complete game development, such as Unity, Art and Sound Making tools.
  • Can make merchandise for our dedicated Gamechee fans
  • And much much more!